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Mahr's to Brew in London?
Posted by Barry on 2017-04-19 05:00:22
I've scoured the towns along the rail line for Fewo and there aren't that many options, which, to some degree, is why we ended up in Ebensfeld - not so far to Bamberg, plenty of local breweries, a good beer garden and nice and falt for walking/cycling.  There are quite a lot in that area because of the latter and also close to Staffelstein, Staffelberg and Vierzehnheiligen, etc.

There's not so much of great interest between Bamberg and Ebensfeld; Hallstadt tends to be Bamberg prices and there's not a lot else (Rattelsdorf/Zapfendorf are not great).  South of Bamberg, Strullendorf is the most interesting - nice enough place but very handy for lots of other places.
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