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Six row barley
Posted by FredW on 2017-04-20 06:50:05
Using six row barley has an immense effect on the flavor of beer. It has a lower starch (fermentable) content and a higher protein content.

The use of adjuncts (rice, corn == maize) in North American beers was originally a practical matter not a cost savings. The starch in the adjuncts is not accessible to the enzymes in the barley at normal mashing temperatures. The gelatinization temperature of rice is (IIRC) over 175 deg F (80 deg C). This means another brewing vessel (Cereal cooker) and another step in the process. Beer made with 100% 6 row barley would have a grainy/husky flavor and be too high in protein, leading to cloudiness and stability problems. So in the early days of NA brewing beers were brewed with 15-20% cereals. A number of events (e.g. WW I barley shortages) led to an increase in cereals. Budweiser today is around 25-30% rice in the grain bill. Miller and Coors are similar but use corn.

There are lots of reasons why Budweiser is the beer we know and hate (for those of us that do :) but the mere presence of rice is not one. I find high gravity brewing — where the beer is brewed to 8-9% then diluted down to the appropriate strength (makes it easier to deal with different max abv in different states) a bigger crime, along with the absence of actual, you know, hops.
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