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High gravity brewing
Posted by Uncle Jimbo on 2017-04-20 15:56:56
I was told years ago by people at Anheuser-Busch that the high gravity brewing was more of a cost saving measure:  it takes less energy to heat up or cool down a smaller volume of liquid.  I am not sure that Budweiser is diluted to various ABV values for different markets.
                     High gravity brewing by FredW on  2017-04-21 08:37:59
                       High gravity brewing by Uncle Jimbo on  2017-04-21 18:12:50
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                       High gravity brewing by Barry on  2017-04-22 12:41:40
                         High gravity brewing by Nick B. on  2017-04-23 04:12:15
                           High gravity brewing by Barry on  2017-04-23 13:12:16
                             High gravity brewing by Nick B. on  2017-04-24 00:26:48
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