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High gravity brewing
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-04-22 03:41:04
The only recent exerience I have with high gravity brewing is Shepherd Neame in Kent. Oy, is that some bland, bland ale. Don't know if it's because of the dilution, but it is pretty hard to drink. Except their nitro stout, that's actually pretty good, but not what I want to drink whilst in England.

From what I gather, Bud Light has just now been introduced to the UK or something. It's being promoted pretty heavily (Wetherspoons) and people I know and have drunk proper ale and lager with have succumbed to trying it. And they *like* it. But it's also apparently not the same Bud Light as in the US, apparently down around 3.7% abv or something, and is apparently clean and refreshing.

I believe I will try a half pint at Wetherspoons next month, just for the irony, being from where I'm from originally and where I live and what I like to drink now. The bottle I had in Florida a couple of years ago was undrinkable; I sipped about a third of it and switched to something else.
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