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Brauerei Hertlein, Staffelbach
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-04-11 01:06:22
AFA CAMRA's role in influencing the development of microbreweries & brewpubs in the US goes, I've said on here that if it weren't for CAMRA, early US microbrewers might not have been inspired to brew ales like they'd discovered on trips to the UK.

Specifically, the Sierra Nevada dudes reportedly wanted to brew the Fuller's ESB they'd enjoyed in England, using local (Cali) ingredients. And Fritz Maytag was inspired by Timothy Taylor's Landlord in creating Anchor Liberty, arguably the original American "IPA". (I reckon early-70's Landlord was a bit different to today's!)

Now, I don't know if CAMRA actually had any role in preserving either Fuller's or TT from stopping cask production by the mid-70's, as I think both of them were still major cask producers then. (Barry? Andy?) So, my previous statements to that effect are suspect.

I think this might be what Barry's referring to.
                   Brauerei Hertlein, Staffelbach  by Barry on  2017-04-11 01:46:17
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