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US Microbrewery Revolution
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-04-11 03:02:24
AFA why they brewed predominately British beer styles...I would suggest two main reasons. First, it's "easier" to brew them than lagers. No lagering. Second, they were something more different to what the old regional and national breweries brewed. Ergo, more interesting.

Porter, pale ale, golden ale, amber ale, brown ale, stout. That's more variety in flavour than Hell, Dunkel, Pils and Weizen provide, and again, all easier to get out the door than good Hell or Dunkel.

And I would imagine there were as many early microbreweries & brewpubs inspired by the Sierra Nevada model (west of the rust belt, anyway) as there were who were getting recipe ideas from elsewhere, like their experiences in homebrewing.
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