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How much to drink
Posted by Gerhard Schoolmann on 2017-04-15 00:26:23
In tradition Frühschoppen is a come together or Stammtisch in the local pub after the church visit. An example is the brewpub Krug in Geisfeld where You have to wait for Your first beer until the church service has ended. After the church the men go to the Frühschoppen, the women go at home to cook the lunch.

The Frühschoppen ends as soons as the men have to leave the pub to go to their families for the sunday lunch. So the time is later as the breakfast (between maybe 10 and 12am) and You don't eat, beause You will eat afterwards at home.

In the modern times You can visit the pub without a church visit. And You can eat, combine drinking with a breakfast or a lunch. Women can partizipate. And You can have Your Frühschoppen at all days of a week. But You have to be in community. Drinking alone in the morning isn't a Frühschoppen.
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