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How much to weigh
Posted by Barry on 2017-04-15 06:31:39
Trying to keep on topic, you don't have to be quite as drastic as Nick to lose weight.  For various reasons (the majority being health related), I had to lose some weight and, without a single visit to a gymn, lost about the same amount as Nick, but over a longer period.  I think that the latter is the critical point: it has been pretty well proved that, in the long-term, dieting (meaning, in this case, following an extreme eating pattern) doesn't work.  What you have to decide is your chosen life-style.

In Jimbo's case, he's obviously a person who loves food in all its glorious variety; thus, the many snaps of meals on Facebook.  Well, if that's how you're going to live, fair enough but you can still do this reasonably safely by eating smaller amounts, which is what I did.  It;s quite simple really, calories in v calories out.  One quite easy method is just to use smaller plates.  Now, I know that is tricky if you're eating out a lot (which Jim seems to) but maybe order one dish less.  In beer terms, just space out the drinks a bit and don't drink so quickly.

As Mark says, uncontrolled exercise (incidentally, not what Nick does, he has thought about it and planned it carefully) can be very damaging.  Likewise some methods of eating - for example, having diabetes, I couldn't follow Nick's method of not eating until late in the day, because I would be flat on my back very quickly.

Because of my diabetes, I'm pretty controlled about what, how and when I eat.  I try to follow a low-carb diet, roughly less than 130 units per day.  I don't eschew some high carb foods, just eat less of them.  I was advised right at the start of my diabetes not to give up 'treats', so I eat the odd biscuit and drink the odd pint (well, a bit more than the 'odd pint' really!) but I count them in fairly carefully.

The other thing is exercise (remember, calories out).  I used to play golf 3 times a week but have now more or less decided to retire gracefully, so you don't need to worry about the Master's next year, Sergio!  Instread, in preparation for my upcoming trip, I'm trying to do a minimum of 15 kms a time on the exercise bike in preparation for some bike riding in Franken (from brewery to brewery, of course).  Fifteen kms equals around 200 calories at the speed I ride on the exercise bike.  I would actually do more because I don't get particularly tired but I do find it terribly boring!

I've tried to devise a few imaginary rides, so Ebensfeld to Ebing, about 10 kms, up to Mursbach, another 10 or so, to spur me on.  What I really need is one of those virtual reality masks, which could be programmed with these rides.  Any ideas?

I'm trying to work out more possible routes, specially those that don't involve dirty great steep hills (I think that I know my limitations) or have clever ways of avoiding them.  For example, I don't think that I could manage the bus route from Witzgall to Roppelt via Schnaid but I think that you can get there by using the return route via Hallerndorf, which I seems to recall is reasonably flat  Fortunately, Ebensfeld is in the Maintal, which allows quite a lot of fairly flat rides - I'd like to get to Scharp, Heilgersdorf, but the direct route looks a bit severe - I remember that long hill down to the village!  However, from Muersbach, it looks a bit easier.

So, any suggestions for manageable rides are most welcome - I reckon I could manage about 40 kms in a day and I will have the use of my Mobicard to get me to strategic starting points.
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