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How much to not eat
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-04-15 07:22:32
I bet you could indeed do "intermittent fasting", skipping brekkies and even lunch, if you got your carbohydrate intake down further first. I think I mentioned elsewhere that I tend to *eat* about 60 g a day. This means I don't have the blood sugar and insulin peaks and dips that I probably used to have. I bet you could do it too.

Both strength training and intermittent fasting are proven diabetes-reversers, FWIW. Ask your doctor.

Cycling uphill actually requires practice, not just conditioning. It's unfortunately not just as easy as bicycling with having to push have to practice the balance. Uphill to Schnaid.....not for absolute beginners IMO. Hallerndorf - Eggolsheim is pretty flat, yes. A couple of ridges to overcome, but short enough that if you have to get off and push, it's only a hundred metres or so.

I've got mapping software than can plot out elevation profiles. So if you have a couple of route ideas...I'll plot those two above for you later on.
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