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Brauerei Hertlein, Staffelbach
Posted by Mark Andersen on 2017-04-11 06:57:40
The way around the distribution problem is the tap room.  The key to success of a small local brewery is the ability to sell their beer directly to the consumer via their tap room and deliver their beer directly to the pubs, restaurants, and stores.  This is what Cape Cod Beer has doen and has been a big success for them.  It limites them geographically of course but they don't have to become a slave to the distribution system.  I don't think all states allow this though.  However, I think in states where the law does allow for this it has resulted in an explosion of micro breweries mostly catering to their local communities.  The tap room is the #1 reason the number of breweries in the state I live in has jumped from maybe a dozen to over a 100 in just a few years.  Well that and the "farmer brewers license" that provided a nice loophole for local breweries.

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