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Brauerei Closure Dates
Posted by euromannn on 2017-04-07 07:28:16
Would be nice if there was a SINGLE list of  Brauerei closure days instead of searching of each Brauerei.  Possibly add this to main web page link since many comes different days of the week for vacation.  Here is my best guess so please update and add.  
Also thinking a  second list showing closures by Day of the Week

City days of Closures
Bamberg: Keesman(Sunday); Spezial(
Karfreitag - 12APR17)

Brauerei Göller Dorsendorf (18APR17-25APR17 - Tues after Apr 1 week)
Merkendorf: Wagner (Monday); Hummel (Tuesday)

Hallerndorf:  Witzgall(Tuesday)

Forschiem:  Lowenbrau (Buttenheim - Tuesdays)

Moenchsambacher: Zehender (Monday)


Brauerei Closure Daily:

Göller ( Dorsendorf -Memmelsdorf(2nd Monday after Ester)

Monday: Wagner(Merkendorf); Zehender(
Tuesday: Hummel (Merkendorf); Witzgall(Hallendorf); Lowenbrau (Buttenheim/Forschiem); Göller Dorsendorf(Tues after Easter 18AR|PR17)

Good Friday(
Karfreitag): Spezial  - 12APR17
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   Brauerei Closure Dates by rainer on  2017-04-10 01:48:33
                   Brauerei Closure Dates by Barry on  2017-04-10 03:25:30
     Brauerei Closure Dates by Barry on  2017-04-10 03:37:27
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       Brauerei Closure Dates by rainer on  2017-04-11 23:21:05
         Brauerei Closure Dates by Barry on  2017-04-12 02:49:54
           Brauerei Closure Dates by Jürgen Wening on  2017-04-12 06:16:01
             Brauerei Closure Dates by Barry on  2017-04-12 06:54:24
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