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Brauerei Closure Dates
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-04-07 12:18:37
Go ahead and compile a list! You've seen the map, how many breweries are there nowadays...260? I would guess most have a closing day. And if you want to include holiday closings...nearly full-time job keeping up with that.

Sorry to be flippant, but it would be a large undertaking to do what you're suggesting. And yes, please do it! It would be quite valuable for people to think of a week's or a month's time in Franconia, look up the dates, and see what places are closed on which days during that time, rather than look up closings based on locations. Would be a great planning tool.
     Brauerei Closure Dates by Euromannn on  2017-04-07 14:13:08
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                 Brauerei Closure Dates by FredW on  2017-04-09 10:36:41
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                   Brauerei Closure Dates by Barry on  2017-04-10 03:25:30
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