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Brauerei Closure Dates
Posted by FredW on 2017-04-07 14:36:15

Much of the information you seek is already on the website

Shows you info for Brauerei Habendanz in Forchheim. Now you have to take it with a grain of salt -- I only update it a few times a year -- with data from a guy who also does this as a hobby. And these breweries don't have a corporate mindset -- they can change their hours on whim. It's not unusual to get to a brewery as see a closed sign on the door with something like "Today is Aunt Mary's 90th Birthday so we're closed." Everybody in town knows it's Aunt Mary's birthday so it doesn't bother them but for us beer tourists it is frustrating.

With 270 odd breweries (depending on how you count) it would be nearly a full time job to keep an up to date record of things. People have tried to do it as a business but people (in general) don't really want to pay for information, they want it free on the internet. 
         Brauerei Closure Dates by Euromannn on  2017-04-07 17:27:39
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