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Brauerei Closure Dates
Posted by Barry on 2017-04-09 07:51:52
I should also mention Fred's guide 'A Beer Drinker's Guide to Bamberg'.  I'm not sure whether Fred has updated it recently, because I bought my copy quite a few years ago, when I was about to visit Bamberg (possibly) for the first time.  Looking at it again (I've just found my printed copy when unpacking one of the many boxes that still remain to be explored), I can see that a few things have changed but Fred says on the shop page that it was updated to the end of 2015, so that's pretty good.

For the princely sum of €5, it represents a really good guide for newcomers to the Bamberg city and Franken beer scene.  Well recommended!
               Brauerei Closure Dates by Uncle Jimbo on  2017-04-09 08:58:01
                 Brauerei Closure Dates by FredW on  2017-04-09 10:36:41
                   Brauerei Closure Dates by Barry on  2017-04-10 03:25:30
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