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Posted by moleha4 on 2017-04-07 03:47:32
I'm due to stay in Nuernberg over the Easter holiday period. As a general enquiry will (brew)pubs in Franken open for usual Sunday / Feiertag hours on Good Friday (Karfreitag) & Easter Monday? Might town / city venues operate differently to village venues? On Easter Saturday subject to reasonable weather, I'm currently planning to travel from N NOst Bhf to Graefenberg to visit Friedmann, Lindenbrau & also Elch Brau, Thuisbrunn. On Sunday even more subj weather, I may take in a stretch of the Steigerwaldpanoramenweg, probably heading north from Iphofen Bhf.  
   Easter by Jürgen Wening on  2017-04-07 03:51:37
     Easter by moleha4 on  2017-04-07 04:05:37
       Easter by Jason on  2017-04-07 04:17:42
     Easter by Jason on  2017-04-07 04:18:22
       Easter by Jürgen Wening on  2017-04-07 04:26:44
         Easter by moleha4 on  2017-04-07 04:32:07
         Easter by Barry on  2017-04-07 04:39:05
         Easter by Mark Andersen on  2017-04-07 11:55:25
           Easter by Barry on  2017-04-07 12:51:00
             Easter by Mark Andersen on  2017-04-08 03:27:02
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