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Barry & Mark - Arrival
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-04-07 12:27:49
As I wrote somewhere else, you can buy a TagesticketPlus every day. You can get a TagesticketPlus for a smaller zone of travel for a certain day, say, between Bamberg & Forchheim on the Monday.  Use the VGN website to plan that day's travel, giving Bamberg & Forchheim as the start & destinations. That would still get you on the bus in Bamberg that day, as well as in Forchheim.

Yes, it's a hell of a deal on the weekend, as I also wrote somewhere else: buy it on Saturday, it's good for Sunday too. So from N├╝rnberg - Bamberg - Merkendorf - Bamberg on're arriving on Sunday, so why the questions about Saturday?

*scratches head*
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