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OT: Barry & Anyone Else - Insulin
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-04-07 06:22:37
Yay! I wrote a little programme to track my nutrition over a year ago. On a normal day (unlike yesterday which included a hamburger bun), I'll normally take in 60 g or so of carbohydrates in solid form. As in, food. Then the normal beer consumption will double that, based on 22 g per 50 cl Pilsner Urquell, somewhat less for drier Franconian beer.

So my solid food consumption is considered "very low-carb", though I prefer to talk about "starch-free" feeding, rather than "l-c dieting". I'm not dieting, I've simply corrected decades-long mistakes in my feeding plan.

You'll be gobsmacked about getting around by bike, should you manage it. Which you should!
             OT: Barry & Anyone Else - Insulin by Barry on  2017-04-07 09:28:11
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