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New Opening Hours, etc.
Posted by Gordon on 2017-04-05 23:45:28
The lovely Rittmayer Gasthaus and Brauerei in Aisch has just posted new opening hours.  Some may remember that their hours had been significantly restricted but they are now open on Tuesdays through Sundays from 0900 to 1430, Saturday also from 1700 to 2300.  

Since there has been a couple mentions of Wagner in Kemmern lately, their keller has just started with their summer schedule, opening Mondays through Saturday at 1400 and on Sundays at 0930.  The view from the keller is terrific (the beer as well, of course).

Unfortunately the news from Pfister in Weigelshofen is that their "Schwaze Keller" will have to remain closed because they cannot find anyone to run the place.  A shame since it is beautiful keller in a great location.
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