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Hausbräu at the Brewery Reh in Lohndorf
Posted by Gerhard Schoolmann on 2017-04-05 12:00:46
A video about the Hausbräu at the brewery Reh in Lohndorf (in German; the first minutes only an image with spoken text, after this a film).

The history ot Hausbräu: barley farmers have brought barley to the breweries. They got certificates for beer. At the Hausbräutage (days of Hausbräu), they went to the brewery with their own barrels and filled their barrels with beer.

Now everyone can buy the Hausbräu-Bier.
The Hausbräu-Bier is fresh and needs 4 weeks ane more storaging at home. The price is lower than the regular, storaged beer.

The Reh brewery offers Hausbräu-Bier twice in the year. Around 40 buyers use this offer. The day is also a networking day, a kind or "Stammtisch" of the buyers. They can also taste the beer and eat some food.
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