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Leidenschaft für Gerstensaft - Deal?
Posted by euromannn on 2017-04-04 07:56:42
This sounds like a good deal, what am I missing?
Four beer specialities means 4 seidla's? I paid 4euros per pint last summer at in Bamberg.
Of course few dates available for still open for May 16.

Any comments?

Bierführung Leidenschaft für Gerstensaft

Including: Bamberg shoulder-bag Brochure listing all the breweries and beer cellars in Bamberg and Bamberg county 5 vouchers: Four for beer specialities of the participating breweries and one for beer-affilliated goods of your choice (Participating brew pubs: Fässla, Keesmann, Schlenkerla, Spezial, Greifenklau, Ambräusianum, Kaiserdom, Mahr's Bräu) or other goods of your choice (Entrance to the Brewery Museum, a wooden beer mug lid or a bottle opener) Please note: The tour is for a maximum of 6 people per tour. Please note, that the opening hours of the Brew Pubs can differ rather strongly. You should keep that in mind when planning your tour. You'll find the opening hours in the brochures of the tour or here. Please also note, that some breweries close for several weeks during the summer months.
9,50 € per person
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