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Leidenschaft für Gerstensaft - Deal?
Posted by Euromannn on 2017-04-05 16:35:09
Here is a link:,1829.52.1%26ModID%3D7%26FID%3D1829.10499.1%26mNavID%3D1829.376&prev=search

Tourism office says only one beer for 9,95e.

Just making options of things I might do.   Going to try your suggested itinerary as Wagner is closed on Mondays and Hummel on Tuesdays in Merkendorfer.

Found this itinerary on bus:
There is no direct bus from Bamberg to Merkendorf. First you have to take busline 907 to Memmelsdorf which runs every 30 minutes (get on at the central bus station ZOB at Promenadestrasse and get off at Drosendorf). From there take busline 917:

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