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Leidenschaft für Gerstensaft - Deal?
Posted by Barry on 2017-04-06 02:19:26
Ok, I thought that I'd exlained it before but the operation of linie 907/917/927 is maybe a bit complicated - it's not really, it's just the way that it's presented in the timetable.

907: basically, the bus to Memmelsdorf and Drosendorf. Leaves the ZOB heads for Memmelsdorf, circuits the town and ends up in Drosendorf.  Returns via a similar but slightly different route thro Memmelsdorf.
917: a sort of extension to the 907.  Some services, including the 13.14 service from ZOB, do not terminate at Drosendorf but carry on to Merkendorf, then to Laubend before returning to Merkendorf and then Memmelsdorf and on to Bamberg.
927: does a similar trick to the 917. Sometimes, comes out of Bamberg ZOB as the 907 (such as at 14.30), then changes to the 927 and heads to Schammelsdorf, before heading onto Drosendorf/Memmesldorf before heading back to Bamberg as the 907. 

That's the basic pattern but, on school days, you can manipulate the timetable to take the bus to Memmelsdorf, stop and go in Hoehn (preferably), get on the 927 (stops opposite Hoehn), get off in Schammelsdorf, stop for an hour, get back on the next 927 and head for Merkendorf   It is possible also to break the journey at Drosendorf.

I know it's possible because I've done all the variations whilst staying in Drosendorf.  But you have to watch out bus operating days (Mon - Fri; schooldays, etc.) and pub Ruhetages/opening and closing times.  Also be careful of the different routes and bus stops thro Memelsdorf and Drosendorf.

I only tried all this after I got my PhD in advanced VGN timetable studies!  Actually, it's all on the wonderful but a bit confusing (specially if you don't understand German) VGN site.
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