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Visit Franken - Cities Confusing
Posted by euromannn on 2017-03-31 06:20:18
Could someone help clarify my misinterpretation of breweries and VGN pass options?

I'm traveling solo May 14-16 in Bamberg area as it may change to May12-13 also if I find a weekend place to stay. I've been following the blog and making a list of numerous breweries but get confused on cities as some refer to different area names.

1. Brauerei Wagner & Hummel in the same area?  first was told Merkendorf. Then I notice Merkendorf is south of Nurenberg and Bus #927 can take me to Merkendorf near Bamberg.
Then I notice Brauerei Wagener address is in a  different city Memmelsdorf, Germany, and Brauerei Hummel si also in Memmesldorf.  

So Merkendorf is the area for Hummel & Wagner but the city is Memmelsdorf? Cannot find Merkendorf on maps near Bamberg.

2. I must go from the east Prague to Bamberg.  Was thinking of stopping in Nurenberg if anything special, hints?.   Must fly out of NUE Airport.
So VGN pass - what is recommend since I will stay in Bamberg to go to a few outlying areas times permitting over 3.5 days. Does the 7 day VGN allow me train & bus travel?
Nurenberg--Bamberg--Nurenberg Airport over 5 days, plus need to get on bus to Merkendorf area and whatever else tips I get like Falkenberg, 

Forscheim --- Hirschaid, Buttenheim, Forchheim(Neder)
Moenchsambacher - Brauerei Zehender 

3. Have numerous places to find but not sure which I should go to Sunday through Wednesday (may 14-17)? Possibilities: Witzall Hallerndorf
Schlenkerla- Spezial-mahrs-Keesman-Fassla-Ambräusianum- Greifenklau, Kulmbacher, Lowenbrau-Eulenspeigel (spezial??)/ Samdstrasse.  CafĂ© Abseits (Abseits bier).  
Not sure where Kulmbacher or Lowenbrau are located.  
Been to Mahrs/Spezial/Fassla/Scherlenkerla/Greifenklau last summer.

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