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Visit Franken - Cities Confusing
Posted by Barry on 2017-03-31 07:05:34
1. Ok, I think that we have already discussed Merkendorf but to clarify: the Merkendorf of Hummel and Wagner is around 10 kms (to be accurate) north-east of Bamberg.  It is in the district of Memmelsdorf, actually a couple of kms away from the centre.  Memmelsdorf also includes Drosendorf, home to Goller. You may find Goller worth visiting: opinions are a bit divided on Goller but I stayed next to on 2 occasions and liked it. The beer is not exceptional (Helles/Dunkel) but ok and the atmosphere is very nice.  See my answer before to the question of buses.  Google Merkendorf, Memmelsdorf to find it.

2. Others (like Nick?) can tell you about Nurnberg but it's a big city and hard to cover too much in a short time. IMHO, all the bars in the Altstadt are not worth visiting (expensive and nothing special) but I really like Schanzenbraeu.  It's a bit out of the way but easy on the underground.  Otherwise, for me, don't bother!  I've talked about the VGN/Mobicard elsewhere.  Yes, it allows travel on all public transport in the VGN area.  You have to be careful and work our travel and possible costs to decide whether a Mobicard is worth getting but a train ticket from Nun-Bamberg-Nun will be around €23; you will need a 10T card, which costs €87.60, so you have to decide whether you will spend €64 in 5 days on travel.  Remember that many breweries are not easily accessible by public transport, which can be very limited at weekends.  Falkenberg is near Windischeschen in the Oberpfalz, I don't think that you will be going there on a Mobicard!

3. Except Keesman, you've already been to all the Bamberg breweries worth visiting (IMHO).  Of course, there are lots of bars and cafes but others will have to recomend them, as they are outside my experience. But, if you're going to spend most of your time in Bamberg, you won't need a Mobicard.  It's hard to know where to recomend, all the Franken regulars have their favourite spots and we discuss these all the the time.  One possibility for a long day is to go to Witzgall, then onto Roppelt's Keller (Stiebarlimbach), you can also visit the Kreuzberg (just up the hill from Roppelt) and, if you're still standing, end up by touring Forchheim, including the incomparable Neder!

As I said belwo, I will probably be around while you're there and would be happy to meet up for a Seidla or two...
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