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Visit Franken - Cities Confusing
Posted by Barry on 2017-03-31 09:38:03
1. I'm not exactly a local, I live in north Wales but I've spent years trying to understand the complexities of the VGN - believe me, it's worth it!  Re linien 907/917/927: it's actually only the same bus service but has different numbers depending where and when it's operating.  You need to go on the VGN website at, which takes you to the timetables.  Essentially, you get an earlier 907 out to Memmelsdorf, nip into Hoehn for a Seidla, wait for the 917/927 and get off in Schammelsdorf at Knoblach.  If you time it right, you can have a couple in Knoblach and then get back on the bus to Drosendorf to Goller.  You probably have to walk to Merkendorf (or miss out Goller), try Hummel and Wagner (5 minute walk between them) and then get the bus back to Bamberg.  It's a bit messy but do-able but you have to juggle pub closing days and that the 917/927 only operates Monday to Friday - good luck!

2. As you are probably going to spend at least 1 day in Bamberg, it's probably not worth buying a 7-day Mobicard but it's all going to depend on how much travelling you intend to do.  I'd spend the next month working out your itinerary and then it will be possible to calculate the best option.  Certainly not the Bayern ticket, it's cheaper to get from Nun Flughafen to Bamberg buying a single ticket from the machine.

3.Re this trip: You take the train to Forchheim station and take the 265 in the bus station in the forecourt.  Get off in Schlammersdorf, into Witzgall, get back on and get off at Stiebarlimbach, 5 minute walk to Roppelt.  Then, walk up the hill tothe Kreuzberg.  You can either come bck to Stieb or walk down the other side of the Kreuzberg, go in Lieberth Keller, then get the 265 back to Forchheim.  And, if you're still standing set about Forchheim!

All sounds complicated but we've all done these kinds of things many times and the Franken buses are generally reliable - much more so than DB!  But do check on this site for opening times and the dreaded Ruhetag.  Fortunately, there probably won't be too many holidays at this time of the year - I hope.
         Visit Franken - Cities Confusing by euromannn on  2017-03-31 11:54:13
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