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Posted by Nick B. on 2017-04-05 05:36:14
What time do you arrive on Sunday? If it's that crucial for you to get to Merkendorf that day, get a taxi if the bus won't work in time. Don't faff about in Nürnberg, get right to Bamberg and then Merkendorf.

I think Eichhorn/Schwarzer Adler in Dörfleins is closed Mondays. Monday might have to be a Bamberg day. Or Hirschaid's Brauerei Kraus and Buttenheim on Monday, the latter a 20+ minute walk from the station. Or if the weather's nice, Kreuzberg & Stiebarlimbach on Monday.

Do Forchheim on Tuesday, as Hebendanz is closed Mon (even though lots of people on here don't like them, it's still well worth a first time visitor's effort to try it out).
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