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Posted by barry on 2017-04-05 06:09:17
You now begin to see the problems of visiting breweries in Franken, espcially if you are on a short visit.

Re Tuesday visit to Forchheim: Hm... this means that you have to be in Greiff before 14.00 (well before if you want a drink) and it's a good 20 minute walk from the station, and you miss Eichorn (ok, not a personal favourite but well worth visiting if you've not been before).  No, better to go on Monday, forgo the dubious pleasures of Hebendanz (though you can probably still try their beers in the Stube Schlössle, which is very convenient for Greiff), visit Eichorn and have plenty of time in Greiff.  Neder, lovely, Neder is open forever (well, nearly).

Tuesday, take the bus out to Dorfleins, then walk down the river to Kemmern and Wagner (opens at 3 pm); finally, either carry on your walk and try the new brewery Binkert at Breitengussbach.  You can find the details of the walk by searching this forum.  As an alternative, you could jump a train at Hallstadt or Breitengussbach to Ebing and visit the lovely Schwanen-Brau (trains not frequent and it's another 20 minute walk from the station).

But, I do agree with Nick, unless you're arriving in the middle of the night, go to Merkendorf on Sunday!  The 907 runs every hour to Drosendorf (then nice 20 minute walk), with the last one back from Drosendorf at 18.42 (see

If you miss that, you can walk to Memmelsdorf and pick up a taxi - probably cost you €20 or walk to Bamberg but it's quite a walk!

Not sure of movements on those days, but it is possible that I may be able to join you.
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