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Zoigl Termine - Am I missing anything?
Posted by Barry on 2017-03-29 01:40:59
Yes, but it is fact that you do not know where this 'beer' comes from.  The calender on Zoiglinfo is fine if you simply want to drink beer in the Oberpfalz, because many of the so-called Zoiglstube sell beer that does not come from a Kommunbauhaus.  This is not to say that the beer is bad (in fact, in my experience, it is just fairly indifferent in most cases) but, whichever way you look at it, the use of the term 'Zoigl' is simply a marketing ploy and is, thus, not in the spirit of the Zoigl tradition.  

Jan has pointed to Posterer not being on the  There is reason for this, which it is not really politic to go into here but, if you can find them open, which is a bit difficult at the moment, I believe that they are selling beer that is brewed by a member of the 'club'.  I don't where Wolfadl get their beer (they used to use the Kommunbrauhaus in Falkenberg), similarly Zoiglbauer.  Many of the pretend Zoiglstube buy their beer from Wolframstub'n, who split with the Windischeschenbach Kommunbrauhaus many years ago and set up their own operation.  Again, I say that there is nothing wrong with Wolfram beer, in fact, it has improved greatly over the last year or so but it is not Zoigl!

The reason why I wrote the intro on is to try to explain to newcomers to the Zoigl scene the culture and traidtion behind Zoigl, which I did not really understand when I first went to the Oberpfalz.

It has to be made clear that there is nothing particularly special about Zoigl as a beer type - I think that it is probably best described as a Pilsner variant, as it is made of a large proportion of pilsner malt (anything from 50% to >90%) and in much the same way.  I am not an expert of 'echte' Pilsner, so whether any of it tastes like proper Pilsner, I cannot say but it does taste like a lot of the Franken versions.  

The whole question of what Zoigl means is dificult to explain, as I have found recently in my visits to the Bay Hop in Colwyn Bay, which (Jeff note!) is now selling 'Zoigl' from Geipel, the little farm brewery in the Welsh wilds!  In the spirit of adventure, I sampled some a coule of weeks ago.  Ok, it was not bad or anything but, as the taste of Zoigl can vary greatly from stube to stube, who can say whether it tastes like Zoigl!  From talking to Chris, the owner of the Bay Hop, I understand that the people who make Geipel beers are sincere in their admiration for the traditions they try to emulate, it's fine by me, but it does make it hellishly difficult to explain what Zoigl really means!

Sorry for this long (doubltess boring to older Forum members) missive but I did mention Franken once!
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