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Spezial dispense clarity
Posted by Jason on 2017-03-24 05:39:22
Think there is some confusion here. One of the (best) breweries in Bamberg is Brauerei Spezial. Ungespundetes (U) is a style of beer that is brewed by a number of breweries in Franconia. It is usually a pale /amber lager beer which could be a vollbier/kellerbier or landbier - the differences are minor and mostly irrrelavent. The specific thing about Ungespundetes is that it means the beer is bled of carbon dioxide during fermentation - the German term actually means unbunged, from the days when beer was fermented in the barrel the brewer would remove the bung in the tap of the cask and let the beer breathe, resulting in a lot less carbon dioxide and i'm sure some other technical changes as the beer was exposed to oxygen. These days I gues it's all done without exposure to oxygen.

As Barry said, the irony with Mahrs Brau is that they bleed off the carbon dioxide and then serve it from a keg, thereby adding more carbon dioxide. Doldi (Franconian for idiot). Spezial serve from the tanks, without additional Carbon Dioxide (though it's still quite gassy, possibly because it's unfiltered and therefore some minor fermentation continues).

Brauerei Wagner in Merkendorf has the right idea - they serve their U from the barrel. Simple.  
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