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Spezial dispense clarity
Posted by johnratcliffe on 2017-03-25 05:19:46
Seems to me David, we are just a bunch of people who love Franconia and its beer, but as we come from all over the UK, US, and mainland Europe it would be extremely difficult to get everyone together. Having said that, I would imagine that every regular on here has met at least one other regular somewhere in Franconia, so we may run into each other at some stage. Will put my dates on the calendar.
                       Spezial dispense clarity  by johnratcliffe on  2017-03-25 05:23:01
                         Spezial dispense clarity  by Jason on  2017-03-25 14:24:21
                           Spezial dispense clarity  by JohnRatcliffe on  2017-03-25 16:36:36
                           Spezial dispense clarity  by euromann on  2017-03-26 15:30:36
                             Spezial dispense clarity  by Jason on  2017-03-27 09:59:12
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