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Brewpub of Meister in Unterzaunsbach closed
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-03-19 04:43:53
The article says he hopes, maybe, to find a tenant to take it over, but seeking one out is hard work, and tenants "often don't know what they're getting into".

It's not necessarily a *permanent* closure, "only" for the time being. But it would be the third traditional Gasthaus in the area to close in the last two years, after ones in Egloffstein and Oberzaunsbach.

I've been enjoying Meister Vollbier vom Fass (keg) in Erlangen more often recently; it is a mighty, mighty fine beer. What the world-famous, world-reknown "Munich Dunkel" should aspire to be.

I never did get to try the new Zwicklbier at the Gastst├Ątte. The bottled Xmas Festbier didn't impress much this last year, nor the year before though; seemed less rich and malty than it used to be.

In any event, yes, a sad situation, it is a really lovely location. I believe I last ate and drank there with Uncle Jimbo several years ago.
       Brewpub of Meister in Unterzaunsbach closed by pivnizub on  2017-03-19 11:16:40
       Brewpub of Meister in Unterzaunsbach closed by Uncle Jimbo on  2017-03-19 15:29:49
         Brewpub of Meister in Unterzaunsbach closed by Nick B. on  2017-03-20 01:43:37
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