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Day 1 in Oberfranken
Posted by David on 2017-03-18 06:20:11
Right now I am drinking in Witzgall. Yesterday I was in Merkendorf hoping to get in both breweries. I walked the the bike path next to the farms from Memmelsdorf.I went to Wagner first. The oils from the tap was very good. I mostly drank the "U" via gravity pour. I had a great time. I never made it out of there to go to Hummel.spent 4 hours there. Hanging out with the local men. They were throwing snuff at me left in right. I sent back in the bus with a guy from Merkendorf Who now lives in Bamberg. I rode the bus back for free because he told them he does not see good and I was his assistant/ helper. Dynamite time! If I new how to download a photo to this site I would.
   Day 1 in Oberfranken typos by David on  2017-03-18 06:24:19
   Day 1 in Oberfranken by Nick B. on  2017-03-18 08:56:22
   Day 1 in Oberfranken by Jason on  2017-03-20 00:59:13
     Day 1 in Oberfranken by AndyH on  2017-03-20 02:45:01
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