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OT: Jacqueline
Posted by Barry on 2017-03-17 05:19:28
Just to let you know, because I dn't expect anyone to come flying in from all points on the globe, but Jacqueline's funeral will take place at Manchester Crematorium on March 27 2017, at 1 pm.

We will share a Seidla to her memory when we next meet in Franken, which we really liked (apart from Bamberg, of which she claimed that she was 'Bamberged out'!).
   OT: Jacqueline by Mark Andersen on  2017-03-17 08:22:49
     OT: Jacqueline by Barry on  2017-03-17 08:31:04
       OT: Jacqueline by Mark Andersen on  2017-03-17 08:45:20
   OT: Jacqueline by Nick B. on  2017-03-17 09:07:52
     OT: Jacqueline by Barry on  2017-03-17 09:28:14
       OT: Jacqueline by Nick B. on  2017-03-17 11:03:08
         OT: Jacqueline by Jason on  2017-03-20 01:01:03
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