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Posted by Nick B. on 2017-03-12 04:13:25
Was in a mood to wind you up there above, Andy. No longer in such a mood now. I figured lots of people would offer up better suggestions than I could, as I'm not a huge fan of Nürnberger drinking.

The most-often given examples are the best, IMO: Hütt'n (even though it ain't like the old one), the place where Hütt'n used to be, Café Wanderer (especially in good weather), the Landbierparadies places, Altstadthof, and of course Schanzenbräu.

I would also add Boeheim Bar for their lovely Hell, though it is a brand new, hipster-chic Craftbier place. Still not been to their Bierhalle. Mr Kennedy may be where you can find other new beer like the just-recently-discussed Orca Brau, though limited opening hours, only evenings, not Sunday or Thursday.

I read in the paper that the Augustiner (Munich) place across from Hütt'n is now closed. Got a Seidla of Hellerbock dumped on me by a waitress there last year, coincidentally or not. That Bock ended up being on the house. Also closed (apparently) is another place on that map of yours, Restaurant Burgwächter, overlooking the city.

When will you be here? (Don't answer if you have already, I'll look through your other posts.)
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