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Posted by Jason on 2017-03-13 10:13:35
I'm guessing you're going to Eulenspiegel because they have st Georgen beers? I wouldn't bother, the prices are eye watering for Bamberg. Kachelofen (opp. Schlenkerla) have st Georgen and it's nice to sit outside there. I'm not sure you'll find anything new in sternla either. 

As for Coburg, I presume you have historical reasons for visiting? It's a beer dessert. And compared with bamberg isn't special. Forchheim is very pretty and of course has 4 breweries. 

Be sure to visit Rothenschild on Friday or Saturday as they have monchsambacher beer from gravity (only these days). One of the best breweries in Franconia. And Galerie am Stefansberg has Sauer (Roßdorf) also from gravity. 
             Nürnberg by AndyH on  2017-03-14 03:13:13
               Nürnberg by Jason  on  2017-03-14 04:13:41
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