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New Nürnberger Microbrewery Brews a Good Hell
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-03-09 00:56:29
I thought there was a thread or at least a post on here about the new Orca-Brau (missing umlaut intentional) operation in the northern Nürnberg "suburbs", but I can't find it. Anyway, Felix Vom Endt, an early Nürnberger beer blogger -cum- brewer (though I suppose he can't legally be called "Brauer" as he's not been through a grueling 3-year apprenticeship?) via micros in British Columbia and Berlin, has started up what looks like a slick operation on the former kit from Heidenpeters in Berlin.

(photo from Norbert's blog)

Knowing his passion for post-Bicentennial American-style beer, it was to be expected that he would brew pale ale, stout, porter, and all that sort of non-traditional-Franconian stuff that causes English-speaking beer tourists to rend their garments. But he also said a normal Hell would be in the lineup. He had an open house with some keg and some bottled beer last month, which I was unable to attend.

But our own "Bier des Tages" Norbert *did* make it there, and has reported on Orca's unfiltered Hell, called "normal". It looks lovely. It sounds lovely. Norbert says Felix was concerned that it was maybe a bit overhopped.

"No, indeed, I wasn't alone in enjoying the fine hoppy note in the nose and palate," says Norbert. "The unobtrusive malt body plays together with the springlike-fresh hop aroma very well. The balance between sweet and bitterness is quite fine. A rightfully celebrated Braumeister fell into spontaneous praise -- above all, because the Normal is indeed not just another boring bayrisch Hell. Rather, it's a "Helles 2.0". One that's a refreshing modern sort, but also traditional, above all because of the classic Hersbrucker Spät and Hallertauer Mittelfrüh hops. Honestly, Felix, I wouldn't change anything with the beer. It suits the times perfectly, building a bridge between tradition and "Craft", though the sign's pointing more in the direction "traditional" here.

(Translation mine, natch. Also my ""'s around the c-word.)

So that sounds nice.
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