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Posted by Nick B. on 2017-03-06 11:59:11
Sunday's episode of the Frankenschau had a segment on an artist doing some photography of her masks in the lovely old tavern that Schanzenbräu now operate in Gostenhof, Nürnberg. Nothing beer-related, just some video of the place, inclucing glasses of beer and some sort of massive meat item. If you watch the entire episode to the end, you can see footage of the  Wasserschloß in Adelsdorf-Neuhaus in late winter, with carp ponds, as it's in the Aischgrund, with the usual suspect breweries nearby, as the credits roll.

Then this fortnight's episode of Freizeit featured three different breweries that are listed under Denkmalschutz...preservation of buildings of historical significance. First, the Kommunbrauhaus in Junkersdorf, in Unterfranken.

I didn't really watch the programme very attentively, as it was supper-time, but did hear that any member of the community (don't know how you can become a member) can brew there, it's 25 hectolitres, they had to put in a WC to accommodate regulations, and the beer is obergärig -- top- or warmer-fermenting, as it was "in the old days". They showed the old malt kiln, but I don't know if it's still in use.

I believe there's a club of hobby brewers here in Erlangen that use the Junkersdorfer Brauhaus, or so the name is known to me anyway.

The second place was Schloss Ellingen, which appeared on my radar a couple of years ago at the fränkisches Bierfest in Nürnberg (June?), when they did a collab with a Czech brewery or something.

The third brewery is not in Franken, so not really worth going into here, I suppose. Another secularised monastery, still called "Klosterbrauerei", but privately owned & operated like Weißenohe, I guess.
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