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The Mahr's Brau
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-03-09 00:10:07
It was always blander than other beers in town called "U", so not a big loss for me. Could barely drink it there at times, whereas the Hell was always decent.

When I stopped by last Wednesday, it was full, no place to sit or even stand in the Schwemme. And Herr Michel himself was running back & forth serving. Nobody seemed unhappy then. I didn't stay, there was a lovely half-Seidla of Bock across the street.

And David, I don't know if it's been clarified on here, whether they are now serving from *kegs* as Jim described, or whether it's from a Tankovna-style tank like some other breweries do, which may be considerably less "artificial" than kegs. Does anyone know for sure?
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