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The Mahr's Brau
Posted by Mark Andersen on 2017-03-09 06:08:23
I agree with you about the loss of gravity pour at Mahrs.  I think it is a significant loss and the beer is not as good as it used to be.  I always thought it was a real treat to be able to go into the Schwemme and get a gravity poured Sedila of U or even a Helles.  Not anymore.  I'll still go in there occasionally because I still llke the beer but it's not quite what it used to be IMO.

However, from a business perspective, the place won't suffer one bit.  It's still as busy as ever despite some locals moving on to other places.  My last visit to the Schwemme I stood in the hallway talking with a local and during the course of 2 seidlas at least a dozen locals came in and asked where the Toiletten were.  This is on a cold and rainy day in November and showed me that the place is always going to have a steady stream of new visitors coming in all the time.
                              The Mahr's Brau  by Mark Andersen on  2017-03-09 06:09:33
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