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The Mahr's Brau
Posted by Barry on 2017-03-09 10:22:13
No, no, no, Nick! I like Knoblach (thought you thought it was too bitter?) But it is nothing like Mahrs U used to be. I've said it before, and Jason reiterated, the old gravity U was the nearest thing to an English ale that I've tasted in Franken - whether that is a good or bad thing is up to the individual to decide. It couldn't be compared to Spezial u, same process, different type of beer.
Personally, I don't care a hoot about Stephan bMichels, but to say that he brews the beer that he likes is baloney. It may be brewed the same as it used to be but the present method of serving makes it not worth the trip to Wunderberg, a minor tragedy for me.
                              The Mahr's Brau  by Jason on  2017-03-10 00:29:35
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