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The Mahr's Brau
Posted by Jason on 2017-03-10 00:29:35
Agreed, for him to say he brews the U for himself speaks volumes about the guy. If I was a brewer I would brew beer for my customers, because they pay my wages. I'm not so arrogant to believe that I can dictate to them their tastes. If I was a start up brewery then perhaps, because of it doesn't sell I would have to adjust, but certainly not a 300 plus year old brewery. It's not just the method of dispense either - I drink in spezial after all - but both the helles and the U have suffered. That's also the opinion of Gregor, who used to work at Mahr. 

And Knoblach? Beer is ok, Keller is way too bitter but I respect the brewery. Quite why it attracts hoardes of Italiens and Scandinavians I do not know but I guess everyone needs to hang their hat on something. 
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