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Trip to Based out of Bamberg
Posted by barry on 2017-03-06 03:44:58
You can do Merkendorf in a bus ride that could also include Hoehn in Memmelsdorf (forget the other one!) and Knoblach (or is that garlic in ?? - sorry, just going from faulty memory). Just check the archive here to find the details. Is a nice afternoon's outing, if you plan it right.
                       Trip to Based out of Bamberg by Jeff Romain on  2017-03-06 07:49:09
                         Trip to Based out of Bamberg by AndyH on  2017-03-06 08:44:09
                           Trip to Based out of Bamberg by David on  2017-03-06 09:04:12
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                               Trip to Based out of Bamberg by David on  2017-03-06 11:48:25
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