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Just two updates
Posted by Jeff Romain on 2017-03-03 12:07:14
Your life-is-short philosophy is one that a wise person would be foolish to argue with! 

I have enjoyed some of the Jack's Abby lagers, including the House Lager, which they bill as a kellerbier as you know, and the Red Tape Lager, a perfectly respectable dunkel. At least the beers were free from any significant defects, which is saying more than most breweries. It appears they are doing very well, which is terrific. Their experimentation with barrel aging and sour beers is a bit boring, but at least they do value some of the traditional methods like decoction-mashing and the use of noble hops in several of their lagers. I'm waiting for a lager-themed brewery who only offers an atypically small number of beers and masters them through years and years, if not decades, of repetition.  The vast majority of breweries in the States are plagued by a need-to-experiment malaise, and thus never come remotely close to mastery, because their minds are always rooted in the future and the next "potentially great" thing.

Yum . . something golden, like say a double- or triple-decocted pils with Spalter Select and well-lagered. ;-)  Whatever you do end up brewing, I'd love to try it. Would happily send you something from the North Carolina area to reciprocate. There are a few respectable lagers (and Belgian-styles) I can think of in the area. 
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