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Mark's Homebrew
Posted by Jeff Romain on 2017-03-03 17:15:51
Very good memory, Mark.  I was in Colorado for the past ten years, but moved last year to TN and now am in WNC for the time being.  I've not yet been able to explore much of the eastern part of NC, but plan to do so before I return back out west one of these days. 

I got to thinking, after my post, that you probably don't hassle with bottling. If you do brew something that fits the bill, and wouldn't be troubled by bottling up a bottle or two, I'd be very appreciative to get to try it.  I sold my homebrewing equipment when I moved (I only ever brewed a couple batches), but have been thinking about jumping back in.  It's always educational when trying someone else's homeade beer. 
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                       Mark's Homebrew by Jeff Romain on  2017-03-06 09:23:20
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