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Boeheim Bierhalle in Nürnberg
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-02-18 09:32:53
I thought I'd posted about this place previously, but can't find it. Anyway, Brauerei Boeheim in Pegnitz was taken over by some young 'uns a few years ago, and they've started brewing Craftbier in addition to a nice Hell and Spezial. And they've opened a Craftbierbar in Nürnberg, where I spent a couple of hours last month after visiting proper old Franconian Brauereigaststätten in Gräfenberg with Quebec'rs and erstwhile board member Ian of Ashford.

It was a stainless steel wall of a half dozen or so taps of keg beer, not HORRIBLY overpriced, but also not quite reasonable. The various beers were all competent to quite good, nothing outright bad. It was worth a visit for the likes of me, but anyone *not* looking for a Craftbierbar indistinguishable from one in Brooklyn, Oregon, or presumably Scandinavia might steer clear. Except the Boeheim Hell, that's a worthy typisch fränkisches Lager.

Anyway, this article in the paper (again, the Nordbayern can't seem to put stuff from their papers online worth a crap...hence my crappy photo of the paper) explains that they've now opened a Bierhalle with BBQ and all sorts of other American food, though apparently, proudly "no burgers!", because, mac-n-cheese and pulled pork are obviously not trendy but burgers are or whatever.

I will obviously go visit ASAP, as much for the brisket as for the Hell or IPA. Typical Farcebook page here, and their very limited webbie does have a menu pdf.
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