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Brauerei Wolf (Rüdenhausen)
Posted by Jeff Romain on 2017-02-23 17:21:09
Indeed!  Of the seven or eight journeys I've made to Franconia since 2009, I must say I am quite content to escape the urban pace of Bamberg and Nuremberg for something more aligned with my pace. While it can certainly be fun to revisit the classics every couple of years, especially in Bamberg, after a few times I find myself teetering on boredom. Exploring and learning about the region's rich brewing history and stumbling upon the occasional tucked-away treasure in the rural areas is deeply rewarding, as it's all part of the gamble of either striking gold or a dud laced with DMS.  A more ambitious itinerary simply provides the perfect excuse to enjoy the timeless beauty of the Franconian countryside, if one needs one. And how else is one to "discover" the gems like Hartleb, Seinsheimer, Gradl, Heckel, etc.? ;-) 
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