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OT: J's health
Posted by Barry on 2017-02-09 01:01:36
This is nothing about beer other than its subject is a regular drinker of same in Franken and the Oberpfalz. So little apologies, but as many of you know my spouse Jacqueline, I thought that this post would be appropriate.

She is now extremely ill in hospital having just been diagnosed with lung cancer, the extent of which is currently unknown but awaiting more tests. As you might imagine, this has come as a great shock to us both, which we are endeavouring to cope with. Of course, this has come just as we have arrived in North Wales and are getting our new residence in order. Thankfully, the care has been exemplary so far and, sadly for our former domicile, much better than we would have found there.

She is quite weak in physical health at the moment but determined to fight it out, which is a great start. 
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