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OT: Decocted lagers in Wales
Posted by Barry on 2017-02-08 09:21:36
Now had the chance to sample Geipel beer. Had a good chat with Chris, owner of Bay Hop in Colwyn bay, and who knows the brewery. It is literally in the middle of nowhere in a barn, in deepest north Wales. 
I couldn't bring myself to drink much Aloha, so had a sample mouthful. It's nothing like any pilsner that I've ever had (which is restricted to Franken vvarieties), extreme hoppiness due to loads of hops being thrown in at a late stage and a cloudy appearance . Didn't appeal to me at all.
I bought a bottle of 'Zoiglator' (cross cultural references here), pricey by local standards at £4.00 for a 330 ml bottle, though maybe ok for a 6,7% beer. Aroma quite malty (this for Jeff), ddark coloured and cloudy. Odd kind of taste, obviously strong in alcohol but with a sourish quality (the bottle was in date) rather than bitter or having any really hop flavour. No resemblance to any kind of zoigl, which is hardly surprising. Chris tells me that proprietor is a fanatic for Bavarian beer but these are well side of the mark.

It would be interesting to meet Geipel people and I hope to get the chance sometime.
                   OT: Decocted lagers in Wales by Jeff Romain on  2017-02-08 20:01:58
                     OT: Decocted lagers in Wales by Barry on  2017-02-09 00:49:14
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