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OT: Decocted lagers in Wales
Posted by Jeff Romain on 2017-02-08 20:01:58
I appreciate the report, Barry.  Very nice info.  A nice and bitter pils is typically what I go for, and a little haze is fine by me as long as it's intentional (in this case, yes, the brewers are going for a kellerpils) and, of course, fermented cleanly with no yeasty odor like vitamin B or raw bread dough.  Are you able to discern if these are bottle-conditioned?  Is there a date stamp on your bottle?  Perhaps I could talk one of the fine gents on this board to toss a bottle or two in the mail someday in exchange for some bottle-conditioned ales from the States (ya know, just to see if a trip across the pond to the brewery might be worthwhile). ;-) For that would make me the happiest guy around. 
                     OT: Decocted lagers in Wales by Barry on  2017-02-09 00:49:14
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