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OT: Decocted lagers in Wales
Posted by Barry on 2017-02-09 00:49:14
As I said, I don't really have much experience of pilsners other than those found in and around Bamberg, such as Keesman, Faessla, Wagner, etc. These have always struck me as being rather bland, with little bitterness and always totally clear. Ok but not outstanding. My little faster of the Aloha was a bit indeterminate and I'll try to bring myself to try a half sometime. I'll also try the bottled pilsner.

I'm not sure of bottle conditioned applies to these beers, any more than it would to the beers coming from a brewery in Franken. As I understand it (from the web site), they are lagered for a period and then bottled, unpasteurised and unfiltered - which s how the small Frankische breweries work. The bottle for on the Zoiglator said 28 April 2017, so it was well in date.

I would say that they be interested in an exchange, as Chris tells me that they are 'beer nuts'! If not, we could do that but not at the moment because I am oh so busy. I think that the brewer is called Erik Giepel (reversed is for some rereason).
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